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Important Tattoo Aftercare Tips


American Tattoo San Diego is happy to share with you some useful information about taking care of your new tattoo. Getting inked in our San Diego, CA shop is just the beginning. You need to be aware of basic aftercare to ensure that your tattoo comes out amazing once it has fully healed.

Do Not Pick Off Peeling Skin

You might be tempted to remove skin that is starting to peel and flake away. Avoid doing this because you could also remove bits of ink, compromising the overall quality of your tattoo.

Do Not Scratch Your Tattoo

The area covered by your tattoo will definitely itch in the coming days. Do not scratch it because it could get infected, as it is still a fresh wound. Also, you could diminish the quality of the ink, which means you’ll need to have it touched up soon.

Do Not Put Too Much Lotion or Ointment

Although you need to treat your wound with aftercare ointment, smothering the entire area will backfire on you. Too much ointment will deprive the wound of getting enough oxygen, thus slowing the healing process.

Avoid Sunlight Exposure

Showing off your new tattoo at the beach may seem like a fine idea, but it is not advisable. The sun’s UV rays can damage your tattoo because the skin is still red and swollen.

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